Every Body Personal Care

Branding | Visual Design | UX/UI 
Gender neutral body products for the human collective. 


Gender biased body product brands reinforce gender stereotypes and create inequality within the consumer marketplace. This leads to a gap in inclusivity and a failure to address the personal care needs of all people. Meanwhile, Gen-Z and millennial-aged consumers are exhibiting demand for more gender-fluid, socially-responsible products that are both healthier for them, and better for the planet.

This project involved the development of a brand identity system, packaging suite, and multi-media campaign for a line of personalized body care products designed to challenge traditional gender norms and speak to a subset of consumers whose needs are not being met.
Timeframe: 6 weeks
Roles: research, brand development, brand strategy, visual design, UX/UI, content strategy
Tools: Figma, Illustrator

︎︎︎ Brit Van Guilder
︎︎︎ Christine Chang


Every Body creates personal care products fit for every kind of human. Ethical, inclusive, and sustainable, the goal is to empower all people to explore their personal needs and practice self-care without having to think twice about what's in the bottle or how they’re being labeled.

By focusing on individual needs and using objective language to describe product benefits, we aimed to create a more inclusive body care brand that better aligns with our target audience's values.

Research & Demographics:

Gender-neutral products and marketing strategies are on the rise. There are more examples than ever of brands moving away from traditional gendered marketing strategies, and the data shows that this is being well-received by consumers. We found this to be particularly true when it comes to the Gen-Z and millennial-aged audience.

In a 2018 pew research poll, 32% of respondents aged 19-29 claim they personally know someone who uses gender-neutral pronouns. This shifting landscape provides an opportunity to craft a narrative that builds a closer, more personal relationship with this audience and one that better reflects their values.


With Every Body, we wanted to design a brand that felt inclusive, honest, and youthful. We recognized an opportunity to use a colorful and expressive approach to our packaging, along with big type and abstract shapes.

We developed a color palette that is diversified enough to not feel overly masculine or feminine. We exercise ambiguity in our verbal tone and visuals to communicate that our products are for all types of people and bodies.


Every Body’s product packaging employs a fun and playful tone of voice, leading with whimsical product names and a minimal aesthetic. We developed a suite of shapes representative of the various products across the line, and offer color customization to help each member of the household to differentiate their personalized care products. 

Product Experience:

Custom-formulated products lie at the core of Every Body’s personalized online retail shopping model. That’s why we developed a personal care quiz that generates unique product recommendations based on each customer’s individual needs.

After completing the personal care quiz, shoppers will have the opportunity to customize fragrances as well as packaging colors. Products are boxed up in an all-in-one shipping kit, which is sent to the customer along with a packaging insert detailing their unique formula and ingredient list. 

Guilt-Free Refills:

Our audience values brands and companies that are committed to working towards a more sustainable future. By offering bulk refill containers made from environmentally sustainable materials, we can cut down on packaging waste and create value for our customers. 


Web and mobile environments have been designed to feel playful, personal, and bold. Key user experiences such as the personalized care quiz are placed front and center, encouraging engagement and interaction. 

In Closing:

By focusing on the individual needs of the consumer and avoiding traditional constructs of gender, Every Body makes personal care products more accessible to more people.

The brand is honest—because we knew our audience valued transparency. It is gender-inclusive—because younger generations are creating a shift towards a more gender-fluid future. And its a breath of fresh air, because its a personal care brand that isn’t trying to tell you what kind of person you need to be to use its products.