Design should not dominate things, should not dominate people. It should help people. That's its role.

—Dieter Rams

Hi! 👋  I’m Tyler.

I grew up in Michigan, surrounded by dirt roads, hardwood forests, and freshwater lakes. It’s an important part of who I am. Like any good Michigander, I know that the Great Lakes hold a fifth of the world’s freshwater and create over 3200 miles of pristine shoreline—more than any other US state besides Alaska. It’s a special place and I miss it every day.

My youth was a heavy helping of Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Legos, trips up north, peanut butter and jellies, boat rides, and family camping. I am the son of two schoolteachers—which is why I’ve never stopped learning. My dad has always been a craftsman and a tinkerer—just like his dad was—and I think I got some of that too.

I’ve known Karrin since she was in the 3rd grade. She’s my best friend, life partner, and art director. We moved to Seattle in 2013 and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. In the summertime, we sleep under the stars and chase sunsets. In the winter, we chase fresh snow in the Alpental Valley.

When we got to the northwest, I found a job scrubbing kegs at a place called Naked City Brewing in Greenwood. I learned how to brew there, and learned that Townes Van Zandt is the greatest American songwriter (though I’m open to the discussion). Working in craft beer was a pleasure. I moved on to manage packaging operations for Fremont Brewing during a period of aggressive regional growth and expansion, putting to use a degree in Packaging Engineering that I earned from Michigan State University.

But I’ve always felt compelled to create, which is why I’m here now. Design school has been an enlightening experience for me. The opportunity to blend logic and reason with creativity and imagination to solve creative problems has been exhilarating. I thrive off collaboration, relish in critique, and have become enthralled with the process. I owe a debt of gratitude to my instructors and cohort at Seattle Central Creative Academy for allowing me the opportunity to grow as a person and as a designer over the past two years.

Spring Quarter at SCCA was unlike anything we could have predicted, but such is life. There is an undercurrent of change rippling across the globe right now, and I remain optimistic about my own role, and about the role of design, in carving a path forward—innovating and adapting—to create a brighter future.

Potential Services Rendered:

Graphic Design
Creative Thinking
Design Thinking
Reluctant Beer Snobery
Rough Sketches
Background Research
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Color Psychology
Wooden Spoon Carving
Light Animation Work
Light Carpentry Work
Collage Art
Journey Mapping
Empathy Mapping
User Personas
Mountain Weather Updates
Political Rants
A Mean Bloody Mary
Finely Chopped Produce
Packaging Engineering
Brand Identity Counseling
Anchor Point Tweaking
Fine-Tuned Kerning
Photoshop Trickery
Typeface Decisions
Moodboard Making
Tagline Generation
Content Strategy
Creative Direction
Collaborative Efforts
Music Critique
Basic Website Design
Logos and Marks
Mailers & Flyers
Wedding Invites
Environmental Graphics
Experiential Design
Packaging Design